Results from 08.12.13

Weoley Castle Subbuteo Club Members The club moved from the living rooms of Weoley Castle to its new home at Harborne Village Social Club for the clubs first open league day, with eight players competing under old school Subbuteo rules.

Adam Lundy, visiting from our friends at Worcester River Plate Severn Subbuteo Club, finished second in the league despite battling man-flu as well as his opponents, but couldn’t best league winner Simon McMurray in the final as McMurray, one of the original Weoley Castle League players from some 20 years ago, defeated Lundy 3-2 and ended the competition as unbeaten Champion!

Despite scoring 18 goals in open competition, Matthew Henry finished a close 3rd.

Thanks to everyone who attended. The Club now hopes to regularly hold events in 2014 and beyond in its new home, with the emphasis firmly on friendly competition and fun!

League Results

Round 1Weoley Castle Subbuteo Club

Adam Lundy 1 1 Simon McMurray
Arron Shelley 0 1 Owen Shelley
Adam Washbrook 3 1 Andy Pyke
Richard Tubb 1 1 Matthew Henry

Round 2

Simon McMurray 2 0 Andy Pyke
Owen Shelley 1 3 Adam Lundy
Matthew Henry 5 0 Arron Shelley
Adam Washbrook 1 1 Richard Tubb

Adam Washbrook vs Andy Pyke Round 3

Owen Shelley 3 3 Matthew Henry
Simon McMurray 2 0 Richard Tubb
Adam Lundy 4 0 Andy Pyke
Arron Shelley 0 2 Adam Washbrook

Round 4

Andy Pyke 2 0 Richard Tubb
Adam Washbrook 2 2 Owen Shelley
Simon McMurray 3 0 Arron Shelley
Matthew Henry 2 0 Adam Lundy

Round 5 Matthew Henry and Richard Tubb

Adam Lundy 3 0 Richard Tubb
Matthew Henry 2 0 Adam Washbrook
Andy Pyke 1 0 Arron Shelley
Owen Shelley 2 2 Simon McMurray

Round 6

Richard Tubb 1 1 Arron Shelley
Adam Washbrook 0 1 Adam Lundy
Simon McMurray 2 0 Matthew Henry
Andy Pyke 1 0 Owen Shelley

Round 7Simon McMurray vs Matthew Henry

Adam Washbrook 0 2 Simon McMurray
Richard Tubb 3 3 Owen Shelley
Adam Lundh 2 0 Arron Shelley
Matthew Henry 5 1 Andy Pyke


Simon McMurray 3 2 Adam Lundy

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